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Universal Motorsport Engine Bay Silicone Hose Black Dress Up Kit

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Product Description



Black Universal Engine Bay Silicone Hose Dress Up Kit



Includes silicone hose and fitting parts in black.

Create the fantastic look you want with this incredible value silicone hose engine bay dress up kit .  

Please remember this is not a direct pre cut replacement and is designed to help you modify to your liking 




3 Metres of 3mm silicone hose 2 Metres of 5mm silicone hose 1 Metre of 8mm silicone hose  2 x Smaller Jubilee type clips (8- 18mm)2 x Larger Jubilee type clips (11-20mm)4 x Larger Jubilee type clips (13 -23mm) 2 x Smaller T Pieces2 x Larger T Piece 12 x 100mm Black cable ties12 x 100mm Colour coded cable ties 12 x 200mm Black cable ties12 x 200mm Colour coded cable ties   

With its generous lengths of UK made quality Silicone Hose and the thoughtful fitting kit these  Silicone Hose Engine Bay Dress up Kits are great value- yet is the same kit fitted to our race cars.  Use the supplied Silicone Hoses for Boost, Vacuum, Overflow, Washer and many other essential applications- all finished in a great colour coded finish.  With a great range of colours available you can use them to complement your existing colour scheme- or use them as the basis of a completely new one!  Check out the comprehensive list of contents- saving you time and money in tracking these essential items down...   This  Kit contains generous amounts of quality Silicone Hose- enough for most applications, however in individual cases additional hose may be necessary.Other colours and hoses available in our shop.