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Rawlplug UNO Universal Wall Rawl Plug Fixings Anchors

by Rawl
Original price £4.17 - Original price £7.59
Original price
£4.17 - £7.59
Current price £4.17

Product Description

Genuine Rawl Wall PlugsInterior and exterior use.

Brand: Rawl.

Unique geometry guarantees maximum expansion and grip.

Provides rapid fixing with high pull out values.

Anti-rotation features prevent spinning in the hole.

Lip prevents plug slipping into over-sized holes.

Suitable for concrete, brickwork, stone, blockwork & plasterboard.

Other raw plugs available in our shop.



Yellow Plug Size: 5 x 24mm  /  Drill size: 5mm  /  Qty 96.

Red Plug Size: 6 x 28mm  /  Drill size: 6mm  /  Qty 96.

Brown Plug Size: 7 x 30mm  /  Drill size: 7mm  /  Qty 96.

Blue Plug Size: 8 x 32mm  /  Drill size: 8mm  /  Qty 80.

Grey Plug Size: 10 x 36mm  /  Drill size: 10mm  /  Qty 80.