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Large Reflective Warning Triangle 2 Safety Vests & GB Badge

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Product Description



Warning Triangle, 2 Vests and Magnetic GB Badge



1 x Large reflective warning triangle.

2 x Hi visibility vests ( Universal size )

1 x Magnetic GB badge.



Reflective Triangle

Quick easy setup.

Conforms to British & EU standards ECE 27R.

A solid stand will not blow over like cheaper lighter ones.

Each side is approximately 43cm long.

When erected triangle stands 45cm high.

Folds down to 44 x 5 x 3cm.

Comes with storage case.



Hi-Visibility Vests

Double band and brace reflective strips.

100 percent polyester.

Velcro front and edging trim.

Conforms to EN472 Class 2.



Magnetic GB Badge

No adhesive saves paintwork soft magnetic backing.

Re-usable quick and easy to use.

Size 13cm x 6.2cm. 

Wind tested 130mph.


Warning Triangles

Warning Triangles can be placed on the road to alert other drivers if you have a breakdown or emergency. They're a legal requirement in most EU nations, although the

number required differs from country to country. When driving in Spain, the law states motorists should use two warning triangles.