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Hook & Loop 225mm Mesh Orbital Sanding Discs

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£12.34 - £23.74
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Product Description



Hook and Loop 225mm Mesh Sanding Discs




Premium quality mesh sanding discs.

Material: Silicone carbide coated mesh.

Provides up to 4 times the life of standard sandpaper.

Quick fit hook and loop sanding pad.

Size: 225mm.

For reduced clogging and improved dust extraction.

Washable for re-use.

Suitable for: Woodworking, paintwork, metal, and all types of preparation work.


10 Assorted Contents:

4 x 40 Grit: Coarse.

4 x 80 Grit: Medium.

2 x 120 Grit: Fine.


20 Assorted Contents:

8 x 40 Grit: Coarse.

8 x 80 Grit: Medium.

4 x 120 Grit: Fine.


Grit Grades:

40 Grit:  Coarse.

80 - 120 Grit:  Medium.

180 Grit:  Fine.



Size: 225mm  MaterialSilicone carbide coated meshGrain Type: Aluminium Oxide Bond Type: Resin Abrasive Connection: Resin