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Grey Framed Flood Water Defence Protection Airbrick Cover

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Product Description



Airbrick Flood Water Defence


Grey Frame and Cover



Discreet solution to the problems of flood damage caused by unprotected airbricks.

In the event of a flood the easy to fit cover clips onto the frame to stop water from entering.

Simply use a bead of silicone to create a seal to the brick and screw on the flood defence frame.

Designed to cover the opening of a 9" x 3" airbrick.

Can be used with any plastic, clay or concrete airbricks.

The bright yellow cover reminds the home owner to remove it when flood waters subsides.

Fitting instructions included.

€‹For all dimensions please see picture chart.



Key Features

Airbricks are one of the first entry points of flood water into a property.

The easy to install frame forms a permanent mount for the removable cover, requiring only simple tools to fit and discreetly sits flush to the wall.

The easy to store cover simply clicks onto the frame to protect the property and can continue to be used as and when required.

The high visibility colour reminds you to remove the cover once the flood water has receded.