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Drill Weep Vents Round Venting System Cavity / Retaining Walls Wall

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Refurbishment Weep Vents


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Quick and easy to install into a 25mm drill hole.

Louvered chevron grill which protects against wind and driving rain.

External flange covers any damage to the substitute caused by the drill 

Drip rib ensures clean moisture run off.

Suitable for commercial and domestic use.

Can be used on brick or rendered walls.

Provides 260mm² of ventilation per unit.

Length: 85mm.

Diameter: 25mm.

Satisfies NHBC standards.

Available in a range of colours and quantities in our shop.



The G952 has been designed to provide retrospective ventilation to cavity walls where no or an insufficient amount of Weep Vents have been used.  In addition, the G952 can be used to ventilate rendered wall where standard weep vents are notoriously difficult to detail.


The product is quick and easy to install and comes in a range of colours to suit all common brick and render finishes.
Further benefits of the product are that each unit is produced with louvered chevron grill which helps to protect against wind driven rain. The protruding drip feature on the front face of product directs moisture away from the wall rather than down onto it which could lead to unsightly stains and damp patches.