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Multi Purpose Silicone Sealant Mould Resistant Waterproof

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Product Description



Multi Purpose Silicone Sealant




Multi purpose silicone sealant including nozzle.

For kitchens, bathrooms, doors & windows.

Provides a durable weathertight seal.

Remains flexible after curing.

Size: 270ml.

Acetoxy silicone sealant.

Permanent colour, UV resistant.

Contains anti fungicide to resist mould growth.

Use with glass, metals, wood and ceramic tile.

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Technical Information

Curing system: Moisture curingSkin formation* (20°C / 65% R.H.): Ca. 7 minCuring speed * (20°C / 65% R.H.): Ca. 2 mm/24hHardness: 25 ± 5 Shore ASpacific gravity (DIN 53479): Ca. 1,00 g/mlElastic recovery (ISO 7389):  90%Maximum allowed distortion: 25%Temperature resistance: -60°C - 180°CMax. tension (DIN 53504): 1,50 N/mm²Elasticity modulus 100% (DIN 53504): 0,40 N/mm²Elongation at break (DIN 53504): 800%Application Temperature: 5°C - 35°CColours: Brilliant Clear, Clear, Brown, Black, Grey