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Multi Width 50mm to 100mm Insulated Wide Cavity Closer

by Timloc
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Product Description


Multi-Width 50mm to 100mm Insulated Cavity Closer


2.4 Metre in Length




Multi Width insulated cavity closer for wider cavities.

50, 65, 75, 85 & 100mm cavities.

Recommended for closing the cavity around window and door openings in both the first and second fix installations when a frame former is not required.

Cut the profile to the respective height and widths of the cavity opening and then push fit into the cavity.

5 Cavity widths with one profile.

Cavity closer fixing ties available in our shop.




To close the cavity at external doors, window jambs and sillsTo provide thermal insulation and prevent ‘cold bridging’To provide a DPC at external doors, window jambs or sills



Features & benefits

Provides an effective DPC and thermal barrier between frame, inner and outer wall leafExceeds the minimum thermal resistance path of 0.45m2K/W stipulated in Robust Details ‘limited thermal bridging and air leakage’Rigid profile extrusion allows both first and second fixComponents available to make up ‘on-site’ frame formersSuitable for all frame and sill positionsIntegrated & flexible water strip to reduce air leakageDurable and resistant to decaySimple on-site trimming to cope with ‘rogue’ cavity widthsLow ECO Points rating




BBA Approved Certificate No. 07/4501Satisfies NHBC Standards 2011Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001:2008Complies with Building Regulation Approved Documents C (2004 edition), L1 & L2 (2010 editions)Complies with Robust Details ‘limited thermal bridging and air leakage’Satisfies BRE document ‘Thermal insulation: avoiding risks’Meets all relevant British StandardsConforms to Montreal Protocol



Material & colour choice

Rigid profile extruded in white UPVC with blue stripSupplied in 2.1, 2.4 and 3 metre lengthsStandard cavity options available 50mm – 100mmExpanded Polystyrene insulation 0.038W/mk