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Plastic Window & Glazing Packers

Original price £4.27 - Original price £25.64
Original price
£4.27 - £25.64
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Product Description


Plastic Window & Glazing Packers




Thickness: 1mm - 6mm.

Dimensions: 100mm x 28mm.

Ideal for dry lining, cladding, flooring, glazing and frame fixing.

For other screws & fixings please visit our shop.



25 Assorted Packers

5 x Green thickness: 1mm4 x Black thickness: 2mm4 x White thickness: 3mm4 x Grey thickness: 4mm4 x Blue thickness: 5mm4 x Red thickness: 6mm



50 Assorted Packers

10 x Green thickness: 1mm8 x Black thickness: 2mm8 x White thickness: 3mm8 x Grey thickness: 4mm8 x Blue thickness: 5mm8 x Red thickness: 6mm



120 Assorted Packers

20 x Green thickness: 1mm20 x Black thickness: 2mm20 x White thickness: 3mm20 x Grey thickness: 4mm20 x Blue thickness 5mm20 x Red thickness: 6mm



600 Assorted Packers

100 x Green thickness: 1mm100 x Black thickness: 2mm100 x White thickness: 3mm100 x Grey thickness: 4mm100 x Blue thickness 5mm100 x Red thickness: 6mm