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2 x Alcohol Breathalyser Tester NF French Approved

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Product Description



Alcohol Breathalyser Tester French Approved N/F Legal


Pack of 2



Shows your alcohol level in 2 minutes.

Please note you will receive 4 x single sealed breathalysers.

In accordance of French NF breathalyser standards.

A minimum of 2 approved disposable breathalysers must be carried in your 

car at any time while in France.

This breathalyser is designed to alert you at the lower French drink drive limit of 0.5% BAC.

UK limit is 0.8% and UK calibrated breathalysers will NOT accepted by France.


Please be aware of cheap imports that do NOT comply to FrenchN/F regulation and will NOT be accepted by french police

 Be safe and legal with this genuine product.  French Government confirms: From March 2013, all vehicles travelling in France MUST, by law, be carrying NF Approved breathalysers.This pack fulfills this requirement and allows you to be sure you are safe to drive.Remember it can take up to 14 hours to ‘clear’ the alcohol from 4 pints of beer from your body and France has a lower safe limit (0.5% vs UK 0.8%).