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9 x 3 Air Brick Ventilator with Colour Options <br><br>

by Timloc

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£10.44 - £28.49
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Product Description


Air Brick Vents


9" x 3" brick Grille

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Plastic air brick ventilator.

British Made.

Integral clip together facility allows multiple air bricks to be stacked.

Can be stacked to form 9”x 6” and 9”x 9” sizes.

Suitable for commercial and domestic use.

Satisfies NHBC standards.

Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001.

Available in a range of colours in our shop.




Air bricks to be used in conjunction with the telescopic underfloor ventilator for providingventilation below suspended ground floors
Air bricks to be used in conjunction with cavity sleeves for ventilation through external walls to a building interior



Features & benefits

Air Brick (1201ab) equivalent area 6170mm² per unit
Unique stepped front grille greatly reduces the entry of wind driven rain
6.5mm wide front grille openings comply with BS 5440 Pt 2 and British Gas requirements
Integral clip together facility allows multiple airbricks to be stacked to form 9”x 6” and 9”x 9” sizes
Available in a range of colours to blend in with various brick types
Very tough and robust
Durable and totally resistant to decay




Satisfies all NHBC Standards 2008 Edition
Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008
Complies with all relevant Building Regulations
Meets all relevant British Standards
‘Equivalent Area’ tested by BRE to BS EN 13141-1:2004