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Over Fascia Vents For Roof Eaves Ventilation (1m)

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Over Fascia Vent For Roof Eaves Ventilation

  • 1 metre length
  • Simply screws onto top of fascia to create airflow in roof space to stop condensation.
  • Can also be used on flat roofs.
  • A complete, easy-to-fit ventilation system in one for roof refurbishments or new builds.
  • Provides a practical and cost effective solution for roof ventilation requirements.
  • Complys with Building Regulations and British Standards.Other size vents and vent packs available.


Unobtrusive method of ventilation.Can be installed with or without soffit.Savings in depth of fascia can be made.Lightweight and durable.Prevents entry of birds and large insects.Complies fully with relevant Building Regulations and British Standards.


The first vent is nailed to the top of the fascia at the right hand edge of the eave and then subsequent units fixed continuously along the fascia.Felt is brought over tilting fillet and Fascia Vent, and run into the gutter as normal.When using the 25mm vent ensure the felt finishes on the leading edge of the vent to maintain a clear air path.For fascia board heights please contact our sales office with the following information: tile type, fascia thickness and roof-pitch.


25mm Airflow: 1m long x 42mm wide x 32mm deep
10mm Airflow: 1m long x 42mm wide x 19mm deep