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Truck Headlight Beam Deflectors Converters for Left Hand Drive Lorries

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Product Description



Headlamp Beam Deflectors 

For Left Hand Drive Trucks Only



Designed for truck drivers coming into the United Kingdom.

For left-hand drive trucks only / Imported vehicles.

Prevents headlamp damage using heat mirror foil.

Upgraded performance for xenon / HID Headlamps.

Latest UV protection.

Can be used on traditional headlight glass lenses too.

These are specifically for Truck use and include multi-lingual instructions for all truck specification headlights.

Full fitting instructions in English, French, German, Spanish, Italian, Dutch, Polish and Turkish.

New technology released for 2013. 



Suitable for all left-hand drive vehicles, the NEW ANTI-SCORCH BEAM REFLECTORS have been

developed for Today's more powerful headlights

encased in plastic/acrylic headlamp covers, using modern lamps, xenon –

projector and standard halogen 1-2-3 and 4 bulb designs.

As these create considerable more light now than previous headlights

and this naturally, in turn, creates more heat.

While continuing to provide Outstanding Performances on all older and classic vehicles with

clear and line patterned headlights.

Eurolights Beam Reflectors using patented protected foil mirror reflective technology

fully redirect the light/beam and heat away from the lamp, preventing 

dazzle to other drivers and possible damage to plastic headlamp covers.

Unlike some products still using old technology!