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Push Mount Winged Cable Ties

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£2.55 - £5.99
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Product Description



Push Mount Cable Ties




Designed for securing cables to a car panel or chassis.

Can be released from the panel or chassis then reconnected.

Manufactured from Tough Nylon 66 and is approved to UL 94V-2.

Working Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°C.

UL Approved Flammability Rating: UL94.

Others colours and types of ties available in our shop.



100mm long x 2.5mm wide  will fit in a 2mm - 5mm hole.

100mm long x 4.8mm wide will fit in a 4mm - 6mm hole.

200mm long x 4.8mm wide will fit in a 4mm - 6mm hole.




Tested to underwriters laboratory UL94V2Material Nylon: Nylon 66Working Temperature Range: -40°C to 85°CUL Flammability Rating: UL94Oxygen Index: 25% - 28%Water Absorption (24 hrs): 1.3%Smoke Density: Flaming 35, Non Flaming 13