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Universal 6 Metre Fascia Roof Vent Pack Eaves Ventilation

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Product Description

Universal Roof Vent Pack 

Length: 6 Metres



Roof ventilation pack.

A complete, easy-to-fit ventilation system in one for roof refurbishments or new builds.

Provides a practical and cost effective solution for roof ventilation requirements.

Contiuous airflow 10,000mm² / 25,000mm² per metre.

With a 6 metre run of over fascia ventilators.

6 Metre roll eaves vent.

6 Metres of felt support trays.

Complys with Building Regulations and British Standards.



Pack Contents:

1  x 6 metre roll form eaves ventilator.10 x 600mm length felt support panel.6 x 1 metre lengths airflow over fascia ventilaton.



For pitched roof eaves ventilationOn standard pitched roofs where the pitch of the roof is 15 degrees or more. On roofs with rafter spacings of between 400mm and 600mm.10mm² / 25mm²continuous airflow.