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Manthorpe Continuous Roll Eaves Panel Roof Vent

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£14.24 - £28.49
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Product Description



Manthorpe Rolled Eaves Panel Vent




Easy to install system to maintain ventilation between insulation and roofing felt.

The wider the panel it allows for a lower pitched roof with deep insulation.

Designed to maintain a flow of air to the roof space from outside.

Continuous panel can be installed in one go.

Accommodates 400mm, 450mm and 600mm rafter centres.

Simple and economical solution to the problems of eaves ventilation and loft moisture.

Free airflow: 25,000mm² per metre.

For roof refurbishments or new builds.

Complys with Building Regulations and British Standards.




325mm x 6 Metres  (G500)

650mm x 6 Metres  (G502)

650mm x 6 Metres  (G503)



Product Description

The Manthorpe Continuous Roll Panel Vents are designed to maintain an open air gap between the underside of the roof membrane and the insulation down at the eaves, providing a flow of air to the roof space from the outside, thereby allowing the escape of built-up moisture that can cause condensation.

Made on a single roll that can cover a 6M run of the eaves, the panel can be rolled out over several rafters to create a ventilated gap beneath the felt running the span of the roof.

Suitable for 400mm, 450mm and 600mm raft centres, the panel's versatility makes it suitable for both new build and refurbishment situations where rafter centres are not consistent or unknown.