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Brown Plastic 70mm Soffit Push Fit Air Vents

by Timloc
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£3.32 - £28.49
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Product Description



Brown Plastic Soffit Vents



Plastic push in soffit vents for roof and eave ventilation.

Diameter hole needed: 70mm.

Meets building regulations.

Made in durable polypropylene.

Rigid quality vents not to be confused with the cheaper thinner vents.

UV Resistant material to stop sunlight fade.

Insect Grill- No Unwanted Guests.

Provides a free airflow of 1600mm² per unit.

Other colours available in our shop.




For roof eaves ventilation - soffit application

For remedial work on existing roofs

On roofs where ventilation equivalent to a continuous 10mm opening is required

On roofs where the eaves incorporate a soffit board


Features & benefits

Efficient, unobtrusive and easy to fit

Can be fitted to existing soffit boards in situ

4mm wide holes comply with BS 5250 : 2002

Durable and totally resistant to decay

UV stabilised and colourfast



Satisfies all NHBC Standards 2008 Edition 

Manufactured to BS EN ISO 9001 : 2008

Complies with all relevant Building Regulations

Meets all relevant British Standards

Material & colour choice

Manufactured by injection moulding in polypropylene

Available in white, black or brown

Provides a free airflow of 1600mm² per unit and

Can be spaced at 160mm centres to achieve ventilation equivalent to a continuous 10mm opening